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    Personal Injury Attorney Van Nuys

    Located in Van Nuys, Oceanbridge Law Firm is the home of top-rated specialist personal injury attorneys in Van Nuys CA. Our Personal Injury lawyers represented people from Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Encino and all over the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This is an extraordinarily diverse area, and we represent people who have come to California from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a car accident attorney, workplace injury lawyer, or birth injury lawyer, our Van Nuys personal injury attorneys are committed to helping you build the best possible case. Wherever you are from and whatever issues you are facing, our Van Nuys personal injury lawyers will treat you with respect and compassion.

    We want to make our legal services comfortable for you. We are flexible when it comes to meeting your schedule with one of our personal injury lawyer and we will not charge you a fee if you don’t recover compensation. We can communicate in Spanish.

    If you live in Southern California and you have been injured or need help with our personal injury lawyer in Van Nuys, call the Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC today at (818) 668-3359 or (800) 891-0270. You can also reach us through email.


    A Professional On Your Side

    When you have been injured at work, in an accident or due to unsafe living conditions, you may feel like you’re all alone. When you try to get compensated for your damages, you will have to go up against insurance companies, employers, landlords and other powerful figures.

    You need a injury attorney in Van Nuys on your side who will represent you and fight to make sure you recover all the benefits or compensation you can. At the Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC our Van Nuys personal injury attorney help you understand your rights and how the law may apply to the circumstances of your case. Together, we will design a legal strategy that suits your needs and then we fight for you and for justice.

    How To Find A Good Personal Injury Lawyer in Van Nuys

    In Van Nuys, finding a personal injury lawyer should be your first step after an accident. A qualified personal injury attorney has the experience necessary to handle any type of accident claim.

    Your personal injury attorney should not be afraid to take a case to trial. At Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC our Van Nuys personal injury attorney do not simply settle every case. Our firm has a reputation for litigating all types of personal injury cases whenever necessary to ensure that our clients are adequately compensated.

    Finally, your Van Nuys personal injury lawyer is working for you and should care about you and your future. We’re actively involved in our community and treat each case as if it is our own. In addition to obtaining excellent results, we strive to make every client feel comfortable from the moment they begin working with our team.

    How To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer in Van Nuys

    To set up your free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyer in Van Nuys, call us today at 818-668-3359. You may also contact us online by filling out one of our prospective client submission forms.

    You deserve to feel like you are protected following a serious accident. Our team has your back every step of the way. We are standing by waiting to hear from you.

    Employment law, wrongful termination or failure to pay for hours worked.

    Fighting For You Against Powerful Opponents

    Our personal injury attorney represent people all over California who have suffered personal injuries as a result of Motor accident, bike accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident, construction accident or slip and fall.

    At the Oceanbridge Law Firm, APC our Van Nuys injury lawyer represent people in cases that involve a variety of issues, including personal injury, tenant injury, workers’ compensation, premises liability and landlord-tenant law. What all these issues have in common is that they pit ordinary people like you against powerful forces.

    Your opponents will have highly skilled attorneys fighting for them, trying to make sure they don’t have to give you what you deserve. You, too, need a good personal injury attorney on your side. You need a professional injury attorney in Van Nuys who will give your case the time and respect it deserves and who will work hard to uphold your rights.

    We Represent Passengers and Drivers.

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